Hearing & Balance Services

Hearing & Balance Services

Greater New Orleans Ear Nose & Throat focuses on personalized patient care. Through our comprehensive assessments, we can properly diagnose and treat people suffering from Dizziness & Balance disorders, Hearing Dysfunction, and Hearing Loss.

Our ENT Doctor staff has developed close ties to each of our communities. We work closely with the local medical community to collaborate with, and maintain a consistent level of care for our patients.

Do you need a hearing instrument? Maybe lip-reading would be helpful to you. Has your physician indicated a need for diagnostic testing or rehabilitation? No matter how great or small your needs are, GNOENT can help you. We are a full-service provider.

Although we take a lot of pride in our education and technology, we realize that these can never replace old-fashioned service. When you come to GNOENT you’re never a “number” or an inconvenience.

You are the reason we’re here and we never forget that. That’s why all of our testings are done by university-trained audiologists, not technicians. And because we want your hearing to have the finest care available, our audiometric equipment is electronically calibrated yearly on site.

We conduct the typical audiologic battery of testing including, pure tones, speech, oto-acoustic emissions, ABR and ENG/VNG (balance) evaluations. Likewise, children are evaluated with oto-acoustic emissions, ABR, and visual response audiometry, in addition to the basic battery of tests.